Azure Migration & "maintain" Outsourcing

Prioritis is a market access consulting firm, specializing in pricing and reimbursement strategies. Following its acquisition by IQVIA, they need support to address 3 challenges:


Standardizing their infrastructure on Azure


Minimizing downtime and user impact


Reducing the workload of teams

Discover how Padok and Prioritis collaborated on a 5-week project.

To find out more about our collaboration with Prioritis, download our case study!

What impact for Prioritis?



applications migrated to AKS

To enable deployment on Kubernetes and reduce manual tasks present in the old infrastructure."



of platform availability

Thanks to automated deployments via GitLab CI and ArgoCD, developers are able to deploy to production more simply and quickly.

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The collaboration between Prioritis and Padok

The Padok team started by auditing the existing infrastructure to define the roadmap for implementing the target. They then set up staging and production, migrating all data to the new infrastructure. Finally, the project team implemented monitoring and ensured the transition with the Run team for the outsourcing phase.

Our client testifies

To learn more, download the case study!