Migration of your infrastructure to the Cloud and Kubernetes

To efficiently migrate your infrastructure, our DevOps experts accompany and lead your Cloud or Kubernetes and GitlabCI migration project through a technical strategy and training for your teams.

Migrate my infrastructure
cloud et Kubernetes migration
The challenges

What are your migration challenges?

Transforming your applications into 'Cloud Native' opens incredible possibilities, and leveraging their potential will boost your company's growth. Several situations may prompt you to migrate to the cloud and/or Kubernetes:



Whether you are scaling up or already experiencing high traffic, your infrastructure should be able to handle peak loads with two key objectives: a flawless customer experience and optimizing costs.



Your developers should be able to focus on their core tasks, develop new features, and benefit from the best possible tools to produce high-quality code rapidly.



Your infrastructure needs to be more robust to prevent production incidents, and you should also reduce technical debt to minimize risks.



You aim to automate recurring tasks as much as possible, enabling your Ops team to concentrate on infrastructure improvement and high-value tasks.

Our migration offers

We assist you in migrating to new technologies that will enhance the development experience.

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Migration to “Cloud Native” Technologies

Migration to “Cloud Native” technologies

Do you want to migrate your infrastructure to new technologies for a more robust platform that enables faster delivery of new features? We migrate your applications to the Cloud technologies best suited to your needs: GitlabCI, Terraform, Docker, Helm, Prometheus, DataDog, and more...

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Your infrastructure is on-premise, and you want to migrate your applications to the cloud for greater flexibility? We will migrate your environments while considering your objectives and constraints. We select the cloud provider that best suits your needs (Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, OVH, etc.). We establish a migration plan and work closely with your teams to implement it.

Kubernetes migration

Kubernetes migration

Your infrastructure is on the cloud or on-premise, and you want to migrate to Kubernetes for better application management and greater resilience? We will migrate your infrastructure to Kubernetes (K8s) and train your teams on the new infrastructure. Your infrastructure will gain stability, and your developers will become more productive.


Staying at the forefront of technology

Our certifications

Theodo Cloud earns two new major certifications

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HDS certification

This certification allows us to build and manage cloud infrastructures for projects involving health data.


ISO27001 certification

The ISO/IEC 2001 certification strengthens our cybersecurity expertise, ensuring protection against data loss, theft, or alteration.

Our partners

Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Azure, OVH, Kubernetes, and Scaleway trust us to assist you in migrating your infrastructures.

Microsoft Azure
Our Methodology

Preparation and execution capacity for a successful transition!

Méthodologie Padok
  1. Technical workshop

    Our Cloud and Kubernetes experts will analyze your infrastructure and needs to propose a target architecture and migration strategy. We will define with you the scope of the migration (what needs to be migrated as a priority and what should not be migrated). It will be essential for our experts to understand what motivates this migration and, therefore, what current challenges we need to address.

  2. Project successes

    Together, we define successes. The goal of a success is simple: to ensure that we solve all the problems you want to tackle. Each success is accompanied by an indicator that will determine if the success has been achieved and a deadline.


    For example, with one of our clients who wanted to migrate to Kubernetes, their problem was the deployment time on the staging environment and the complexity associated with it. So, we had 2 indicators: the deployment time in staging and the number of manual actions to update the staging.

  3. Milestones

    Together, we define the milestones of the project based on your constraints (holidays, marketing events, etc.). Milestones are the major steps of the project and ensure that we are moving in the right direction to achieve the set successes. For example, in the case of a migration, the milestones are often the migration dates for each API to be migrated.

  4. Visibility

    It is essential for us to be 100% transparent with you. You will receive a daily email every morning indicating what we will be working on during the day. Additionally, we work in one-week sprints.


    At the end of each sprint, we have a review meeting with you to discuss what has been accomplished, what will be done in the following week, and the overall progress towards the set successes. We involve your teams in the project for maximum collaboration and efficiency.

    Migrate my infrastructure

The deliverables of a migration

The deliverables are designed to prepare for the migration. They are reviewed with you every week to ensure alignment on the same objectives.


Target architecture schema

At the beginning of the project, we present you with the target architecture schema for the Kubernetes/Cloud migration. It is reviewed and adjusted with you to ensure it aligns with your objectives and constraints.


Project successes

We define approximately 3 project successes with you at the beginning of the project. They are accompanied by an indicator and a deadline.


Migration plan

A migration plan helps organize the migration of your infrastructure under the best conditions. All involved parties know what needs to be done and when.

Our Promise

For a successful migration

The success of your migration is our priority. That's why we strive to provide you with maximum visibility throughout the process.

  • expertise

    High-level expertise in Cloud and Kubernetes

  • tailored

    An infrastructure built specifically for your needs, in collaboration with your teams

  • collaboration

    Working closely with your teams to ensure a successful migration

  • visibility

    Daily updates and transparency on the progress of your project

  • ADA_logo

    Google Cloud Platform migration of Ada

    Ada operates an online electric vehicle rental service with a fleet of 500 cars stationed in Paris. Theodo Cloud assisted Ada in migrating the infrastructure of its mobile application to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

    • Project duration

      Project duration

      5 weeks

    • Key highlights

      Key highlights

      • Load management through fine adaptation to traffic spikes
      • Breaking down the monolithic NodeJS code into microservices
      • Complete overhaul of the file storage system to ensure the security of official documents
      • Weekly production deployment without downtime
    • recommandations


      • Application stability exceeds 99.99%
      • Developers were able to split the monolith into 3 microservices
      • Production deployment time reduced by 4 times
      • Development experience significantly improved: a developer can test a change in 2 seconds, compared to 30 seconds previously