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Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms in the market, launched by Microsoft in 2010. It brings together over 200 services and offers solutions in machine learning, data, containerization, security, application deployment, and much more.

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What is Azure?

Microsoft, a global technology leader, launched its cloud services platform Azure in 2010. The platform quickly establishes itself as one of the top-performing providers and ranks second behind AWS with a 21% market share.

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Azure specifically tailors its offerings towards businesses operating on Microsoft-based IT systems to facilitate integration and migration to the Cloud.


To save time on infrastructure management, Azure offers several classic services, such as:

  • Containers: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) - orchestrate your containers;
  • Storage: Storage Accounts - store your files;
  • Security: Azure Active Directory - manage user and service rights;
  • Hybrid: VPN, Express Route - Secure connection to your On-Premises
  • Database: MSSQL - use relational databases

The benefits of Azure

From its very conception, Microsoft Azure takes into account data security and privacy concerns. It is also the first platform to adopt international standards for cloud privacy (ISO 27018).


This is reflected in the integration of a mature and well-tested Microsoft user management system (Active Directory). The solution significantly reduces the complexity of managing accounts between your On-Premises solutions and your Cloud applications.


Indeed, Microsoft Azure offers unparalleled management of hybrid infrastructures. Numerous technical solutions for connecting your On-Premises infrastructure to your Cloud exist. Azure thus guarantees you a private and secure connection between your different infrastructures, as well as ease of migration from your On-Premises applications to the Cloud.


Microsoft Azure's offerings have the highest coverage in terms of security compliance. This makes Azure one of the most reliable cloud platforms in terms of security today.

Businesses that rely on Microsoft tools such as Office 365, Outlook, and SharePoint are investing in a cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products. The use of Azure streamlines operations by using the same virtual machines as on-premises solutions.


Furthermore, Microsoft identity management services like Active Directory can be easily linked to Cloud services to ensure seamless integration and simplify rights management.


Today, it's the most suitable platform for companies looking to maximize their utilization of the Microsoft environment.

Good to know

Azure and Kubernetes

In 2016, Brendan Burns, one of the founders of Kubernetes, joined Microsoft to work on integrating the solution into Azure. A team dedicated to this expertise has since been established within the company. Microsoft subsequently became a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.


Their integration needs with the Microsoft environment led them to heavily invest in community tools. In 2022, Azure teams were among the main contributors to the Kubernetes project. As a result, Azure offers unparalleled expertise in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Our Microsoft Azure offers

Theodo Cloud accompanies you through all stages of building your Azure cloud. From migration to securing your infrastructure.

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Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Looking to migrate your infrastructure to the Cloud? Our DevOps experts are available to guide you through each step of the Azure migration process (audit, target architecture, implementation).

Cloud audit

Cloud infrastructure audit

Looking to have your Azure infrastructure audited? Our team of DevOps experts conducts a detailed evaluation and provides personalized recommendations to optimize your infrastructure.

Cloud cybersecurity

Cloud cybersecurity

Want to migrate to Azure while adhering to your security constraints? Our cybersecurity experts team implements measures tailored to securing your cloud.

Client Case

Securing and monitoring an application for a major french oil group

Our client, a major French oil group, had two needs: to secure a web application and to easily monitor their infrastructure. This application retrieves real-time data from oil platforms built at sea to identify and prevent accident risks. Monitoring was therefore a key element of this project, ensuring that the data retrieved by the application was reliable and accessible at all times. The client had also implemented new standards for monitoring their applications and wanted them to be applied to this project.

  • Project duration

    Project duration

    1 year
  • Key highlights

    Key highlights

    • Comply with client's security standards
    • Set up a monitoring dashboard allowing real-time monitoring of the application's behavior
    • Migrate the infrastructure to a new Azure platform while adhering to new monitoring standards
    • Implement automated Terraform code test
  • Results


    • Enhanced environment monitoring optimized cloud costs and reduced them by 30%
    • The new infrastructure reduced deployment time in CI/CD by half
    • 100% of the infrastructure is deployed with Terraform