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An open-source project initiated by Google in 2015, Kubernetes (K8s) is a technology that simplifies the management of containers in your infrastructure. Theodo Cloud supports your teams in migrating your Kubernetes infrastructure and automating the deployment pipeline.

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What is Kubernetes?

Today, applications are designed using containers like Docker. These containers allow you to segment your application into microservices and have different configurations for each. These configurations enable, for example, deploying these microservices independently to accelerate certain feature deliveries.

Kubernetes K8s

Kubernetes (also known as K8s) is a container orchestrator launched by Google in 2015 and later donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Kubernetes is a technology that facilitates container management within your infrastructure and ensures application stability. In other words, with K8s, you can automate deployments, management, networking, scaling, and availability of containerized applications.

According to us, applying a DevOps methodology with Kubernetes is easier. This technology brings your infrastructure speed, flexibility, scalability, and stability. Furthermore, containers and K8s significantly bridge the gap between developers' local environment and production environment (ISO environments), resulting in fewer bugs in production.

The benefits of Kubernetes

To meet demand and optimize resource usage, applications must be scalable. Kubernetes automates scalability to eliminate resource waste.


Scaling is automatic and pre-configured: if a percentage of CPU, RAM, or any other metric relevant to your application is exceeded, new container instances and servers are deployed. This redistributes traffic and prevents application saturation. As traffic and CPU or node consumption decrease, the number of servers and container instances also decreases.

Thanks to templating tools related to K8s like Helm, resource configuration files are standardized. This ensures a consistent quality standard across all applications deployed in a Kubernetes cluster.


Versioning of K8s resource files also allows for adopting a code review and automated deployment process, significantly reducing the introduction of bugs.

Kubernetes simplifies all deployments through the 'rolling update' principle, which is a gradual deployment. K8s progressively deploy new pods containing code for new features into production without removing old pods. This helps detect bugs before they impact all users, enabling easy and fast rollback. This approach saves downtime and alleviates the pressure on teams to resolve incidents hastily.
Useful to know

The Kubernetes community

The Kubernetes Community Description: Kubernetes benefits from a strong community: the GitHub repository for this open-source technology has over 2,000 contributors, with the top 100 having made over 100 commits to the project! The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) oversees the Kubernetes project and its surrounding projects, such as Prometheus for monitoring, which boasts 47,000 contributors. Additionally, it includes 69 companies like eBay, Pinterest, and Spotify, which are active community members.


All major Cloud Providers offer managed Kubernetes services

  • gcp


    Google Kubernetes Engine

  • Azure


    Azure Kubernetes Service

  • aws


    Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Our Kubernetes offers

Our Kubernetes experts help you migrate, enhance, and secure your infrastructure. We adapt to your needs and constraints to provide the most high-performance infrastructure possible.

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Kubernetes Audit

Kubernetes audit

Have you built an infrastructure on Kubernetes but are uncertain about its architecture? Our DevOps experts audit your project and provide actionable recommendations to optimize your deployments.

Kubernetes Migration

Kubernetes migration

Do you want to migrate your infrastructure to Kubernetes? Don't wait any longer—our DevOps experts integrate with your teams to prepare your infrastructure and establish the migration plan. We support you throughout the migration and deliver the necessary training to your teams.

Kubernetes security

Kubernetes security

Does your Kubernetes project have significant security concerns? Our experts audit your Kubernetes cluster and implement the necessary measures to secure it, making it no longer a vulnerable point in your infrastructure.

Our partners

Since 2020, Theodo Cloud has been a certified Kubernetes Service Provider to support you. Our Ops are certified CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrators).

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Client case

The Kubernetes migration of Moov'in Paris

Moov'in Paris enables you to rent an electric vehicle in just 1 minute from a fleet of 500 cars parked in Paris. The service migrated its mobile application's infrastructure to Kubernetes with Theodo Cloud.

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  • Project duration

    Project duration

    5 weeks
  • Key highlights

    Key highlights

    • Setting up K8s cluster on Google Cloud
    • Platform (GCP) Containerization of a NodeJS monolith
    • Complete overhaul of file storage system
    • Refactoring and orchestrating about fifteen cron jobs for improved resilience
  • Results


    • Application stability surpasses 99.99%
    • Developers divided the monolith into 3 microservices
    • Deployment time reduced by a factor of 4
    • Development experience significantly improved: a developer can test a change in 2 seconds, compared to 30 previously