Build of infrastructure

Following its success, Sunday needs a more scalable infrastructure to meet the growing demands of its international clients. They have enlisted the help of Padok to address three challenges:


Scaling up the capacity to accommodate a larger number of international clients


Ensuring the platform's availability during peak service hours


Enable new developers to become autonomous quickly

Discover how Padok and sunday collaborated on a 6-month project

To learn more about sundays' challenges, download the case study!

What impact for Sunday?


2 min

to modify a service deployed in production

Compared to one hour on the old infrastructure, with over 130 developers using the new infrastructure.


10 000

restaurants managed on the platform simultaneously

This is 50 times more than at its launch in less than 2 years. The platform can now accommodate more client restaurants while continuing to evolve.

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The collaboration between sunday and Padok

At its inception, Sunday developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test it with restaurant owners. The Padok team first analyzed the existing infrastructure and then, in collaboration with Sunday's teams, chose to build a new one. To make it as scalable as possible, the infrastructure was hosted on GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine, the managed Kubernetes service on Google Cloud Platform). The team worked in an agile mode: a Sunday engineer joined the team to ensure maximum transparency and alignment throughout the project.

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