Infrastructure Creation on GKE

Ornikar is the first fully online driving school platform. To accelerate the development of their new offers, they have 3 technical challenges:


Improve the developer experience


Increase developer autonomy


Reduce FinOps costs

Discover how Padok and Ornikar collaborated on a 4-month project.

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What impact for Ornikar?


5 min

to create an environment with 30+ microservices

And before the migration, it was double that time, thanks to the creation of an on-demand environment system.



simultaneous microservices

Developers can use their development environments and more than 700 microservices simultaneously without causing any slowdowns.

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The collaboration between Ornikar and Padok

The Padok team started by auditing Ornikar's infrastructure to define a target development architecture. They then built a Kubernetes cluster on GKE (Google Cloud Platform's managed Kubernetes service) before deploying Ornikar's technical stack using ArgoCD. This allowed Padok's experts to create an on-demand environment system. Throughout the project, the Padok and Ornikar teams collaborated to enable more relevant and faster interventions.

Our client testifies: