Infrastructure Migration

MeilleursAgents is a real estate sales and rental platform. In this rapidly expanding market, they have three tech challenges to address:


Enhancing the development experience to accelerate the time to production


Ensuring the availability and reliability of test environments


Providing training to teams to make them self-sufficient quickly

Discover how Padok and MeilleursAgents collaborated on a 6-month project.

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What impact for MeilleursAgents?


10 min

to deploy a new environment

Versus 2 hours before the migration, thanks to the implementation of an on-the-fly environment creation process



apps centrally managed

To standardize the infrastructure. They are distributed across around ten environments, with a minimum of manual tasks

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The collaboration between MeilleursAgents and Padok

Padok experts began by analyzing the infrastructure and provided improvement recommendations to MeilleursAgents. They migrated the applications to GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine, the managed Kubernetes service on Google Cloud Platform) to standardize the infrastructure and implemented an on-the-fly environment creation process. The Padok team operates in an agile mode and integrated ArgoCD to streamline the deployment process and provide more flexibility to developers. A MeilleursAgents expert is also part of the team to ensure maximum visibility throughout the project.

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